Why should you opt for a customized tattoo?

Posted by on April 9, 2017

Why should you opt for a customized tattoo?

What is a customized tattoo?

  • A tattoo is said to be customized when it is exclusively designed for you. Now there can be two possibilities here. As the first possibility, the design can be done from scratch, where you explain your raw ideas to the artist and s/he puts down all your thoughts into a sketch. Or, you can adapt from an already existing design. If you have done your part of the research and already come across a design that aligns with your thoughts, you can give it to your artist as the starting point, something to build upon. But remember, this is just a starting point. You still have to give your inputs to the tattooist, as in what all specific components you like in the design and how exactly is it coming in-line with your own ideas. Consequently, your artist can modify the design to fit it exactly to your needs.

If you are into meaningful tattoos..

  • A tattoo is something that you carry for the rest of your life. It’s a commitment. So, when you plan on getting a tattoo, it is always recommended that you get something that you can relate to. It may be your passion, your goals, your love or may even be memories. Anything that you feel is worth holding on to. Having said that, it’s needless to say that your tattoo needs to be entirely customized for you, something that describes your story, your OWN story. If you pick up a design that’s just out there and get it on yourself, you certainly get a tattoo but will never be able to connect to it so much. A customized design on the other hand is always unique, and gives you a different level of satisfaction.

If you are into tattoos just because it looks good..

  • Well, in this case, you get tattoos because you appreciate the artwork. It's an element of beautification to you. Now would you like this element to be an exact replica of an already existing artwork? I don't think your answer is "yes". In this case, you should do your homework, collect some reference designs, show them to your tattoo artist, also explain to him/her exactly what sort of designs you are into. Then your artist can come up with some unique design that suits your needs.

What’s in it for the artist?

  • An artist’s greatest happiness is in creation. When you let your artist design a tattoo for you from the scratch, it gives them an utter satisfaction. There are multiple perspectives to it. A tattoo is very different from any other art piece in ways that it stays with the customer forever. The reason artists come into this field is because they want to leave their mark on you. An artwork is always valued more when it is original. For an artist, it is always a nice challenge to shape their customers’ thoughts into a great piece of art and finally an amazing tattoo. It’s the way s/he translates your words into a great tattoo, is what satisfies your tattoo artist.

We hope these guidelines were helpful for you. If you still have doubts you can always get in touch with us. Thanks for reading.