Tattoo Aftercare

Posted by on April 1, 2017

Tattoo Aftercare

Learn how to take care of your new tattoo, how to avoid any infections or swelling, how to make sure it looks just as good when it is healed.

As the most important point, listen to your tattoo artist very carefully when s/he explains the after care procedures to you. Your artist is an experienced professional who can guide you the right way. Here we mention a few time proven guidelines that can help you as well.


Watch a short video on tattoo aftercare:


How to take care of a new tattoo?

  • Once the tattoo is done, the artist cleans the area with an anti-bacterial soap, applies a light layer of vitamin A&D and puts a wrapper around the tattooed area. This wrapper prevents any airborne bacteria to penetrate through the broken skin as you travel home.
  • Once you reach home, the wrapper can be removed and the tattooed area should be washed with lukewarm water and mild, unscented liquid antibacterial or antimicrobial soap. Rub the tattoo gently with your hand remove any traces of plasma or extra ink. Then you can pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.
  • The most important thing to remember during the healing process is to let the tattoo breathe. You should never put any wrapper or tight bandage around it. More you let it breathe, faster it will heal.
  • Once your tattoo starts looking very dry, you can apply a very thin layer of some non-scented anti-bacterial ointment. There are some pretty good products out there for tattoo aftercare. Avoid applying it in thick layers as you don't want to suffocate your tattoo.

What to avoid?

  • Within a week or so, the tattoo will scab over and skin will start peeling off. Don't peel off the skin forcefully otherwise it will leave light spots on your tattoo. Also, there will be a strong itching sensation. Please refrain yourself from scratching the tattoo. Use the moisturizing lotion, it will give you some relief.
  • Don't expose your tattoo to direct sunlight during the initial healing process, atleast for 3 weeks. The harsh rays of sunlight may cause your tattoo to blister. It can also cause a lot of swelling and decelerated healing.
  • Don't soak your tattoo for too long. Take short baths and no swimming during the healing process. Water in the swimming pools or your bathtub contains bacteria. So it can get through the broken skin of your tattooed area and cause infection.
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes for a few weeks. It can stick to the tattoo because of the plasma leaking out of it or it may simply rub against your tattoo. In either case, you might end up with scars.

We hope these guidelines were helpful for you. If you still have doubts you can always get in touch with us. Thanks for reading.