12 small tattoo ideas that are going to blow your mind!
Posted by on April 6, 2019, 7:56 a.m.
12 small tattoo ideas that are going to blow your mind!

We come across people with full arm or full back tattoos almost everyday. As amazing as that is, tattoos don't necessarily have to be so big or prominent in every case.

It's a common thought that tattoo artists often prefer large tattoos over the small ones. Now, what you need to understand is, for an artist, you are the canvas. An artist also would love to be creative. They usually have more freedom with large designs as they can't be directly copied from an existing one. But when it comes to small tattoos, people usually have repetitive ideas. That's what gets them bored, not the size.

As a matter of fact, small tattoos can be very artistic and elegant. It takes a lot of creativity to present ideas with a minimal and simple design.

It's always better to avoid common ideas, but to have something of your own. Your ideas may be very simple, but it's yours. That's what matters! We have a detailed blog explaining customized tattoos.

Having said that, it may actually be very difficult for you to come up with tattoo ideas from scratch. This is specially true, if it's your first tattoo.

Here we present an array of small yet creative tattoos that we have done over time. Let it give you an idea of what to expect.

Puppy tattoo, Pet tattoo, Small tattoo ideas
Rose tattoo, floral tattoo, small tattoo ideas
feather tattoo, infinity tattoo, small tattoo ideas
tree of life tattoo, geometric tattoo, small tatto ideas
bird tattoo, freedom tattoo, small tattoo ideas
hummingbird tattoo, small tattoo ideas
butterfly tattoo, 3d tattoo, small tattoo ideas
chess tattoo, pawn tattoo, small tattoo ideas
guitar tattoo, gemetric tattoo, Small tattoo ideas
constellation tattoo, line tattoo, Small tattoo ideas
father and daughter tattoo, Small tattoo ideas
geometric tattoo, Small tattoo ideas
Why should you opt for a customized tattoo?
A tattoo is said to be customized when it is exclusively designed for you. Now there can be two possibilities here. As the first possibility, the design can be done from scratch, where you explain your raw ideas to the artist and s/he puts down all your thoughts into a sketch. Or, you can adapt from an already existing design...
Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
The short answer is "yes". It does hurt when you are getting tattooed. But the amount of pain you have to might have to endure, depends on multiple factors. But, most people say, the pain was not even nearly as bad as they had imagined while coming into the studio. So, there's no need to listen to horror stories and get afraid. But, being informed helps!...
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